13th October 2018 – Sun opposite Ariadne


The Sun in Libra opposite asteroid Ariadne retrograde in Aries 01:23 (BST)

The Sun is on the Sabian symbol :-

A Rabbi Performing His Duties

Sun 19°Li37′, Ariadne 19°Ar37′ R       

As the Sun’s square to Pluto echoes in the background and Venus retrograde through Scorpio continues, this may feel like a confusing and intense time. Maybe life feels like it’s unravelling and you’re picking through a jumble of knots. Maybe you feel like you’re going through the motions whilst searching for a way out.

Sometimes all you can do is keep going, even if the path ahead is uncertain. You may feel lost but there is always a way through. This a magical journey and you are the hero. Trust that the quiet tread of your deity is behind you all the way. Everything is connected, from birth to death, past to future – every generation, every ancestor, every tree and shining star. Pay attention to where your heart feels lifted. This is the golden thread that will lead you through the labyrinth.

Painting – ‘Ariadne’ by George Frederick Watts

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