April 6, 2019 – Sun trine Isis

Two women large

The Sun in Aries trine Isis retrograde in Leo
The Sun is on the Sabian symbol :-

Two Dignified Spinsters Sitting In Silence

Degrees and Times
Sun 16°Ar14′, Isis 16°Le14′ R – 09:03 (BST)
Asteroid Isis Number 42

There is dignity in silence. You don’t have to explain your position nor justify your goals. Give yourself a head start by owning your decisions. Let go of the fight to be first, stronger, braver, faster. Under this influence, plans fall into place and ideas come together. If you’re frustrated, confused or feel like something is missing, give yourself time to figure it out. Work with what you have until missing pieces emerge.

Fragmented parts of the self spontaneously return when you pay attention to your heart’s desire. Let yourself feel joy. Resurrect your love of life. If there has been pain, it is part of, but not all your experience. You are more than your trauma or drama. Even the hardest experiences teach great wisdom. Praise your continuing light, even if you are still walking through the dark. What was broken can be put back together.

Painting – Portrait of Two Women by Diego Rivera

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