September 25, 2021 – Mars trine Saturn

Mars in Libra trine Saturn retrograde in Aquarius

Degrees and Time
Mars 07°Li04′, Saturn 07°Aq04′ R – 22:50 (BST)

The business of building relationships is the cosmic order of the day. Mars in Libra is motivated to create allies, find win-win solutions to problems, forge partnerships. There’s also a heated desire to fight for justice and to use diplomacy as a tool for peace. Saturn’s mission in community-minded Aquarius is to create stability. Society is undergoing a heavy period of karmic consequences and the mood is serious but it’s necessary for us to build a better future. As humanity matures, we learn to recognise how our actions affect others. Cohesion is important for the next chapter. We can learn to agree to disagree without blowing apart our foundations.

Use this stabilising influence to forge ahead with goals. Responsible action and wise use of time bring a feeling of accomplishment. Channel your passion into endeavours that benefit the wider community. Take responsibility for anger and reactivity. Play the long game. It takes discipline to build muscle. Slow down. More haste, less speed.

Painting – Figures in the Sunlit Streets of a Dutch Town by Cornelis Springer

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