My name is Leah Whitehorse and I am the astrologer and writer behind this site. The Cosmic Tides started as a daily post to my Facebook page. I post astrological inspired inghts Monday to Friday.

There is also an oracle function on the site which revisits posts from the past – there are over 1200 of them! I hope you find the oracle helpful.

To read more of my work or to request a reading, please visit my main site Lua Astrology



2 thoughts on “About

  1. something different this morning. You gotta believe me, I always look for your posts EVERYday FIRST thing in the morning. Did Not see you on Facebook this morning for the first time since I started to follow you a couple of years ago. Not to worry Leah, I’ll chase you down wherever you go. Scott

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    1. Lol, thanks Scott. Unfortunately I fell foul of ‘scheduling my post after midnight when I’m far too tired to spot I put the wrong publishing date on my post’. I didn’t realise I was already in to ‘tomorrow’. Luckily I eventually realised my mistake at about 11am yesterday morning. Thanks for hunting me down.


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