October 15, 2021 – Sun trine Jupiter

Sun in Libra trine Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius

Degrees and Time
Sun 22°Li20′, Jupiter 22°Aq20′ R – 12:46 (BST)

As yesterday’s weird vibes fall away, we are put in touch with what brings us joy. Yes, there’s a whole lot of tense background action happening astrologically and collectively, but we can’t spend ALL our time worrying or despondent over what could be and isn’t. Jupiter flings out his arms to the Sun, showers us with a little glitter and nudges us into a smile. But more than gifts, Jupiter brings a moment of understanding, a sense that there is something bigger, a higher purpose, a plan. The future may be an unknown quantity, but we can hope. Yes, we can hope.

So today, watch a comedy, slap on a smile, giggle with your friends, laugh with your children, play fetch with your dog or cat. Today, read the good news channels, take time away from the serious stuff, the dire warnings, the constant outpouring of bad and worse. Today is a time to magnify the light, the good, the inspirational. Hold up your hands to the Sun (yes even if it’s a grey day) and know that you are blessed.

Painting – ‘Redheaded woman and sunflowers’ by Paul Gauguin

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