June 17, 2019 – Full Moon in Sagittarius

Full Moon in Sagittarius
The Full Moon is widely conjunct Jupiter and square Neptune

Degrees and Time
Moon 25°Sg53′, Sun 25°Ge53′ – 09:30 (BST)

There’s almost a sense of timelessness, weightlessness. Consciousness expands. It’s like floating in space. Everything is softly spinning, turning. Asteroid Chaos is conjunct the Sun. The Moon is close by to the galactic centre. We’re endlessly falling towards a black hole and yet endlessly looking back to the majesty of Mother Earth. Hope, fear, all our dreams, all possibility, caught in a timeless moment.

There is so MUCH to think about. Minds are overwhelmed and maybe we find ourselves thinking ‘this is BIG’. We know it, feel it, intuit it. But nothing is clear right now. Faith is tested and yet we must have faith – a conundrum. Still, there is so much promise woven into these strange times. Stay positive. There is meaning in the madness.

Painting – ‘Against the Sky’ by Frank W. Benson

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