February 18, 2019 – Chiron enters Aries


Chiron enters Aries
Sun enters Pisces
Venus conjunct Saturn in Capricorn

Degrees and Times
Chiron 00°Ar00′  – 9:07 (UT)
Venus, Saturn 16°Cp46′ (UT)
Sun 00°Pi00′ (UT)

Years of collective soul healing give way to a new shamanic journey, one which centres around healing your sense of self. Each of us have a mission here, a motivating inner flame that burns with passion and desire. Chiron asks, where do you hurt so badly that you won’t push yourself forwards? Where are you afraid to really LIVE? The remedy may sting at first, but we need to get well and fast! There’s much to do, healing planet Earth and her peoples. We can’t go on being so angry with one another, or at ourselves.

Don’t let your heart be so hard to the woes of the world that you shut down nor so soft that you drown in a sea of tears. Commit to what you know is true in your heart. It’s time to discover your strengths through understanding your weaknesses. Energies must now be directed to fixing what is broken, personally and collectively. After prayers comes action. There is magic in bravery. Time to step up. Sometimes tough love is the most loving response.

Painting – ‘Fire by the water’ by Paul Gauguin

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