7th December 2018 – New Moon in Sagittarius


New Moon in Sagittarius
Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces

The New Moon is on the Sabian symbol :

Sea Gulls Fly Around A Ship In Expectation Of Food

The New Moon is conjunct Paradise and square to Mars and Neptune

Degrees and Times
New Moon 15°Sg07′ – 07:20 (GMT)
Mars, Neptune 13°Pi44′ – 14:11 (GMT)

Wild inspiration is infectious but it’s all too easy to end up chasing a dream. Slow down. Listen. Test the water first. Start new adventures from an informed and grounded place. If you feel disappointed, let down or empty, look where you may have expected too much from others, yourself or Life. Don’t let idealism skew your compass.

Your imagination is a powerful tool but dreams alone cannot sustain you. Temper your vision to make it more realistic and less over-facing. Give your inner warrior a mission that has meaning and substance at soul level. Let your inner artist shape your progress. Handle your life with all the care and grace of a guiding angel. Learn to read cosmic signs. This is Paradise. Look with an open heart.  Reality is shaped by your beliefs. Everything you’re searching for is right here, right now.

Painting – ‘Archangel Gabriel Annunciate’ by Fra Angelico

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