February 4, 2019 – New Moon in Aquarius


New Moon in Aquarius

Sabian symbol :-

A Big Businessman At His Desk

Degree And Time
Moon, Sun 15°Aq45′ – 21:03 (UT)

With the New Moon on the midpoint between Saturn and Neptune, the cosmos sends a message that innovative and creative thinking can help us to build our dreams. Employ your inner genius to come up with unconventional solutions to problems whilst still honouring conventional wisdom. Be open to experimentation. Welcome unusual viewpoints. Be spontaneous.

Witchy Black Moon Lilith and communicator Mercury add to the New Moon conversation. What is the mantra you repeat daily out loud or in your mind? Cast out negative thinking and bring in phrases that add power and magic to the future you desire. In the background, pressure is building to tie up loose ends as there is heavy work ahead. Trust that you have the authority to make the big decisions. Keep your cool.

Painting – Painting ‘Portrait of a Businessman K. Artsybushev’ by Mikhail Vrubel

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