October 9, 2021 – Pluto square Eris

Ceres stations retrograde in Gemini
Pluto in Capricorn square Eris retrograde in Aries
Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde in Libra
Venus conjunct South Node in Sagittarius
Mercury conjunct Mars

Degrees and Times
Ceres 12°Ge08′ – 02:32 (BST)
Pluto 24°Cp18′, Eris 24°Ar18′ R – 05:28 (BST)
Sun, Mercury 16°Li35′ R – 17:18 (BST)
Venus 02°Sg32′ R – 20:11 (BST)
Mercury, Mars 16°Li16′ – 23:48 (BST)

A cacophony of aspects boom from the skies. The triple conjunction in Libra pushes us to address issues connected to how we relate to one another. As we reach the midpoint of the Mercury retrograde, we’re cautioned against fanning the flames of division. Instead, this is an opportunity to find the sweet spot, wax lyrical about who and what we love, find words that will light up the soul from the inside out.

And it’s important we do because Pluto and Eris are on their last hurrah. So much toxicity, corruption and downright dirty dealings exposed and yes, we’re sick of it. Now we’ve seen what needs to change and change fast. Time to pay off karmic debts. From chaos comes transformation. From truth comes power. The old structure is dying. Deep in the Earth, the Mother stirs. Make way for visionaries and warriors of the heart.

Painting – Illustration to Milton`s L`Allegro and Il Penseroso by William Blake

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