February 12, 2019 – First Quarter Moon in Taurus


First Quarter Moon in Taurus

Degrees and Time
Moon 23°Ta54′, Sun 23°Aq54′-22:26 (UT)

With the earthy Moon square to the Sun in airy Aquarius, the challenge is to bring future aims into reality. You may have plenty of ideas but perhaps you’re struggling with how to give them form. It’s time to get down to basics. What will it cost you materially, mentally, emotionally, to breathe life into your dreams? What seeds have you planted that need tending? Consider the next practical steps.

Maybe you’re not receiving what you are worth. Don’t under-estimate yourself. Cultivate awareness of where you sell yourself short. Value your unique skills, talents and experience. Perhaps you find it hard to invest in yourself. Remember you’re worthy. If life seems dull and you’re lacking inspiration, connect with your inner artist. Allow for experimentation. Your creativity is a flourishing inner garden ripe for picking, always abundant. Honour your creations.

Painting – ‘In the Garden (aka Celia Thaxter in Her Garden’ by Childe Hassam

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