8th December 2018 – Saturn conjunct Karma


Saturn conjunct asteroid Karma in Capricorn

The Sabian symbol is :-

An Albatross Feeding From The Hand Of A Sailor

Degree and Time
Saturn and Karma 08°Cp38′ – 10:35 (GMT)

Sometimes life requires you to ‘adult’ your way through, even when you feel like stamping your feet in protest! Saturn is also known as ‘Lord of Karma’ so today’s aspects brings a double dose of karma in the form of a reality check. Maybe you find yourself stuck, scared, afraid to move forwards but unable to move back. Don’t let old superstitions, fear of failure, self-doubt and distrust get in the way of the job you have to do. You are not being punished!

Sometimes Saturn brings us a hard task precisely because there is so much to be learned from it. Support yourself as you challenge any inner resistance. Push yourself to take the next step. Give yourself permission. Don’t let yourself off the hook. This is the time to be responsible, self-disciplined and accountable. It might not feel comfortable initially but eventually, it will provide you with all you need. Practice trust. Commit. Let your soul’s wings carry you to greater heights.

Painting – ‘Flight of Cranes’ by Józef Chełmoński

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