June 12, 2019 – Mars conjunct North Node

Mars returns from being Out of Bounds
Mars conjunct the North Node in Cancer

Mars is on the Sabian symbol :

A Hen Scratching The Ground To Find Nourishment For Her Progeny

Degree and Time
Mars, North Node 17°Cn52′  – 23:46 (BST)

Since April, Mars energy has been off the chart. Strong aggression, trigger sensitivity, anger, bursts of wild motivation followed by deep apathy. Maybe you lost sight of your goals or had no idea what to do to achieve them. Today, drive begins to return, a sense of direction emerges, or a bold new mission becomes clear.

The cosmos is giving the go-ahead. The time is now to press forward into territory that challenges you to evolve. Strong areas of interest and protectiveness may revolve around family, children, women, home, homeland, history, ancestry, safety. Start with the basics. Ensure you have the right support in place to bolster your efforts. Get comfortable in your own skin to boost confidence. Nourish yourself mind, body and soul. Actively release the pain of the past to unbind your inner warrior.

Painting – ‘The girl and the rooster’ by Akseli Gallen-Kallela

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