October 13, 2021 – Venus sextile Saturn

Venus in Sagittarius sextile Saturn in Aquarius

Degrees and Time
Venus 06°Sg53′, Saturn 06°Aq53′ – 20:26 (BST)

The skies offer structure and stability in the realm of money and relationships. Consider what you need to invest for maximum return. With both planets in farsighted signs, this is a chance to get ahead of the game. Tally up your accounts, budget, ask for advice from those in the know. Open a rainy-day savings account or work out how to save for a significant purchase later down the line. The work you do now will pay off later. The same applies to romance too. Love sometimes takes work but it’s worth the effort under this influence.

With Venus in inspirational Sagittarius, the heart is called to adventure. Saturn in Aquarius offers forward planning and the impetus to make it happen. Put your heart into what really matters to you. The more you value yourself, the easier it is to accomplish what you set out to achieve. Treasure the person you are today. Learn to love your own company whether partnered or not. Appreciate the abundance of joy that life has to offer.

Painting – ‘The Lovers (Autumn Evening) by Émile Friant

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