August 2, 2021 – Sun opposite Saturn

Sun in Leo opposite Saturn retrograde in Aquarius

Degrees and Time
Sun 10°Le11′, Saturn 10°Aq11′ R – 07:14 (BST)

Take responsibility for where you are now without judging yourself too harshly. If there have been errors along the way, praise your efforts and apply course correction. Know that you’re capable of resolving whatever challenges lie ahead. Each ‘failure’ is an opportunity for learning. Sometimes we’re so concerned with what other people might think we bend ourselves out of shape, hide our light, hold back. Give yourself permission to be you. Let go of ‘should’.

If black clouds are looming on the horizon, know that your lion heart can carry you. Sometimes we must stand strong in the face of adversity. Resistance makes everything twice as hard. The storm will pass. You will survive. Complete what you start. Honour obligations. Be open to compromise. Just because you don’t know how to resolve a problem today doesn’t mean you won’t know how to resolve it tomorrow – or the next day, or the next. No drama, you’ve got time. Accept reality and then reframe until the sun peeks out from behind the clouds.

Painting – ‘It clears up, coast of Sicily’ by Andreas Achenbach

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