October 14, 2021 – Sun quincunx Neptune

Sun in Libra quincunx Neptune retrograde in Pisces

Degrees and Time
Sun 21°Li00′, Neptune 21°Pi00′ R – 04:31 (BST)

The Sun is in Libra where we long for connection, romance, a partner, harmony, peace. But with Neptune in the mix, it all feels very on- again-off-again. Others are present, yet not present – or we are drifting off into an alternative reality. It’s peek-a-boo with the cosmos. Now you see me, now you don’t. One minute we feel a profound sense of connection and then it’s gone. As a result, we may lean too hard into other people’s perceptions, rely too much on what others think. There’s a tendency to give and give and give in an effort to be seen. We look in the mirror and don’t know who is staring back at us. Behind us streams reflection upon reflection, repeated to infinity.

Infinity is inside of us. Peace is inside of us. Love is inside of us. Sometimes we just have to get out of our own way. Ground yourself into reality. Draw on your imagination for inspiration. You are a co-creator with life.

Painting – ‘Mariana in the South’ by John William Waterhouse

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