11th December 2018 – Mercury quincunx Uranus


Mercury conjunct asteroid Sekhmet
Mercury in Scorpio quincunx Uranus retrograde in Aries
Mercury trine asteroid Themis retrograde in Cancer

Degrees and Times
Mercury, Sekhmet 28°Sc36′ – 00:42 (GMT)
Mercury 28°Sc53′, Uranus 28°Ar53′ R – 11:37 (GMT)
Mercury 29°Sc03′, Themis 29°Cn03′ R – 17:22 (GMT)

As Mercury begins to break down the healing Grand Water Trine, some anxiety sets in. Fear of the future could keep us stuck, disempowered by bitter thoughts of the past. Themis quietly reminds us to reach for truth. Trust justice will be done. The universe constantly shifts to regain balance. There is always a holy divine order to all that we see – and what we don’t see.

There is room for change, innovation, new thinking. If thoughts seem scattered and nerves prickle, perhaps some part of you is gearing up, ready to liberate you from rigid thinking.  Step back to gain some objectivity. Mercury in Scorpio can make us very attached to our thoughts. Instead of arguing your case, take time out. Consider alternative perspectives. Don’t let old secrets silence you or old shame hobble you. Free your mind!

Painting – ‘Portrait of Artist’s Wife’ by Konstantin Makovsky

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