31st December 2018 – Pluto conjunct Black Moon Lilith


The Sun in Capricorn square asteroid Spirit in Libra
Mars conjunct Heracles on the last degree of Pisces
Pluto conjunct Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn

Degrees and Times
Sun 09°Cp24′, Spirit 09°Li24′ – 04:04 (UT)
Mars, Heracles 29°Pi26′ – 06:17 (UT)
Pluto, BML 20°Cp34′ D – 07:30 (UT)

Sometimes the universe steps in and changes things in ways we didn’t expect, want or anticipate. Authorities have rules, governments have policies and nature is entirely a law unto herself. Not everything can be controlled, nor every eventuality foreseen. And this is how it’s meant to be. A change in circumstances can seem disastrous at first glance but it’s what you do in these moments that dictates how the next step unfolds. Sometimes life removes those things that no longer serve your path and change becomes a catalyst, turning lead into gold.

As the old year draws to a close, this is a times of transformation and regeneration. You are strong and Spirit knows this. If Life is pushing you, it’s so that you too can see the depths of your power.

May your year ahead be magical!

Painting – ‘The Spirit of Plato’ by William Blake

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