12th December 2018 – Mercury direct re-enters Sagittarius


Mercury direct re-enters Sagittarius

Degrees and Time
Mercury 00°Sg00′ – 23:42 (GMT)

Ideas that began to take shape at the beginning of November return but now have greater promise. It’s okay to feel inspired but don’t lose sight of the details. This is a time to explore your beliefs and to think beyond what you already know. Read sacred texts to deepen your knowledge. Sign up for a course or learn a new language. Speak to people from other cultures to understand their point of view. Visit the library. Try new authors. Stretch your vocabulary so that you can articulate exactly what you mean.

Think about the future and new horizons. Ask yourself where you want to go in life. The big picture matters now. Share your stories of love, loss and triumph over adversity. Write your autobiography. Consider what adventures are missing and work them into the next chapter. Get excited. Plan escapades. Positive thinking opens up the world.

Painting – ‘Carriage Parade’ by Childe Hassam

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