September 30, 2021 – Sun sesquiquadrate Jupiter

Sun in Libra sesquiquadrate Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius

Degrees and Times
Sun 07°Li50′, Jupiter 22°Aq50′ R – 20:06 (BST)

There’s a restless, overwrought edge in the air. We sit down, stand up, can’t decide, wander from room to room, ask others what they think, go out, have fun…but something is missing. The future looms large, tantalizing, inviting and yet we don’t know what to fill this space with. It’s all too much and yet not enough.

The Sun is on the Sabian symbol ‘A Blazing Fireplace In A Deserted Home’. When were you last present, really PRESENT with yourself? When did you last talk to yourself like an old friend? There is a piece of you quietly waiting for your return. In that inner space, there is warmth, light, comfort, companionship. Loneliness manifests when we go away from ourselves and forget to tend the inner fire. Come home.

Painting – The Fireplace by Childe Hassam

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