January 21, 2020 – Venus semi-square Saturn

Venus in Pisces semi-square Saturn in Capricorn
Mercury in Aquarius quincunx the North Node in Cancer

Degrees and Times
Venus 08°Pi45′, Saturn 23°Cp45′  – 00:24 (UT)
Mercury 08°Aq21′, Node 08°Cn21′ – 16:41 (UT)

Sweet Venus in idealistic Pisces fills us full of dreams but Saturn in hard Capricorn presses us to accept reality. You may have money worries, relationship issues or feel unhappy with your lot but don’t let your concerns take all the joy out of life. The future is not as bleak as your doubts would have you believe. Yes, it’s time for the rose-coloured spectacles to come off but the world is still full of colour. There are dandelions pushing through concrete, flower petals in puddles. Greet trials head on with grace. Recognise the growth potential inherent in any obstacle. Some discomfort now may pay dividends later.

Mercury’s quincunx to the North Node tells us that it’s all about perspective. Adjust your position. Change your thought processes. If life is difficult right now, let go of any idea that you don’t deserve better. Maybe it’s just timing. Commit to what matters most to you. Even if skies are grey, keep the faith.

Painting – Rainbow by Arkhip Kuindzhi

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