August 19, 2019 – Jupiter semi-sextile Saturn

Jupiter in Sagittarius semi-sextile Saturn retrograde in Capricorn

Degrees and Time
Jupiter 14°Sg36′, Saturn 14°Cp36′ R – 15:46 (BST)

This is the last aspect until these two planets meet in December 2020. Since December 2018, there has been an urge to push ahead into new territory and unfamiliar places, a longing for a bigger and better life. But Saturn has been a restraining influence, holding us back from going too far, too fast. You may have felt a sense of resistance or frustration at slow growth but sometimes this is what is necessary.

As this series of aspects comes to a close, take time to look back over the past 8 months and congratulate yourself on your achievements, however small. Even if life has not moved forwards at all, perhaps a change of perspective or wiser understanding has given you a better foundation for future plans. Trust that the wheel of life continues to turn. Greater opportunities for success appear when the time is right.

Painting – ‘Snowy mountain peaks. Caucasus’ by Arkhip Kuindzhi

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