October 20, 2019 – Venus sextile Saturn


Venus in Scorpio sextile Saturn in Capricorn

Degrees and Times
Venus 14°Sc45′, Saturn 14°Cp45′ – 14:58 (BST)

The skies offer structure and stability in the realm of money and relationships. Consider what you need to invest for maximum return. Financially, this is an excellent time to tally up your accounts, budget and ask for advice from those in the know. Open a rainy-day savings account or work out how to save for a significant purchase later down the line. The work you do now will pay off later. Put your heart into what really matters to you.

Relationships take work but love has the opportunity to mature with a realistic approach. Be open to compromise and willing to support one another. On a personal level, use these energies to focus on self-love. The more you value yourself, the easier it is to accomplish what you set out to achieve. Treasure the person you are today. Appreciate simplicity. A loving heart is the foundation of everything.

Painting – ‘Portrait of Madame Ackerman, the wife of the Chief Finance Minister of King Louis Philippe’ by Franz Xaver Winterhalter

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