21st April 2017 – Mars enters Gemini


Mars enters Gemini 10:31 (UT)
Venus in Pisces square Saturn in Sagittarius 11:08 (UT)

Mars 00°Ge00′
Venus 27°Pi36′, Saturn 27°Sg36′

Nervous energy is heightened and the mind is fired up. Take care that you don’t turn your thoughts against you, especially if you’re feeling misunderstood. Monitor aggressive self talk and replace it with motivating statements that carry you forwards. Debate rather than argue. Honour your anger without letting it take control. Defend your ideas with grace.

Sometimes we build walls between ourselves and others because we don’t feel good enough to contribute or connect. The more isolated you are, the more expendable you feel. Don’t cut off. If you feel lonely, shower yourself with love. Regard time alone as a precious opportunity to take care of the soul. Learn to love solitude. Let go of ideals and find the beauty in reality.

Painting – ‘Solitude’ by Charles Sprague Pearce

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