September 29, 2020 – Saturn stations Direct

Venus in Leo trine Mars in Aries
Saturn stations direct in Capricorn
Sun in Libra opposite Chiron in Aries
Mars retrograde in Aries square Saturn stationary in Capricorn

Degrees and Times
Venus 25°Le33′, Mars 25°Ar33′ R – 02:01 (BST)
Saturn 25°Cp20′ D – 06:11 (BST)
Sun 07°Li09′, Chiron 07°Ar09′ R – 21:43 (BST)
Mars 25°Ar20′ R, Saturn 25°Cp20′ – 22:49 (BST)

For the past five months, it may have seemed as though we have been getting further and further away from where we want to be. We may have felt weighed down by commitments or hemmed in by limiting circumstances. During Saturn’s retrograde, it was necessary to reassess responsibilities, define boundaries and learn to say no. Unfinished business too needed our attention. As Mars squares Saturn right at the station whilst also conjunct spitfire Eris, the urge to push past all of this may feel acute but we must be patient. It’s going to take time to find our feet again and put the knowledge and experience we have gained to work in the outer world. It’s important that we don’t push so hard that something breaks.

Be aware that sensitivities are running high today. Interactions with others may fall short of expectation or need. Be open to compromise. Lean into love. Drop into your heart to soften life’s hard edges and help you to identify where energies are best spent. You can’t rush karma.

Painting – ‘Henri Rouart in front of His Factory’ by Edgar Degas

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