July 4, 2020 – Sun trine Ceres

Jupiter retrograde conjunct Pallas retrograde in Capricorn
The Sun in Cancer trine Ceres in Pisces. Chiron in Aries opposite Juno in Libra

Degrees and Times
Jupiter, Pallas 23°Cp38′ R – 01:52 (BST)
Sun 12°Cn48′, Ceres 12°Pi48′ – 08:50
Chiron 09°Ar24′, Juno 09°Li24′ – 14:45 (BST)

Jupiter, Pluto and Pallas are now huddled together in a strategic meeting. Pallas negotiates between the two, bringing wise counsel, intellectual reasoning and careful planning. It’s easier now to understand patterns that have been holding us back, pinpoint what needs to change, believe that problems can be solved. In the background though, the opposition between Chiron and Juno is unsettling and quietly pushes us to consider where compromise is required, even if it initially hurts. Still, despite exploring some painful material, this aspect has potential to remedy disharmony.

Thankfully, the Sun’s trine to Ceres offers us a chance to work through difficult emotions. We flourish through nurturing and kindness. It’s the soft hand we need to carefully peel off the plaster and dress the wound. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best – good food, rest, spiritual sustenance, music, prayer, gentle support, a hug, or a blanket fort.

Painting – Mother and Child Reading by Mary Cassatt

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