July 3, 2020 – Moon square Neptune

Moon in Sagittarius square Neptune retrograde in Pisces

Degrees and Times
Moon 20°Sg55′, Neptune 20°Pi55′ R

The noise of big planetary action fades into the background for a moment today. In the hush, uncomfortable feelings surface. We may find ourselves wondering, what’s the meaning of all this? What’s the point? A feeling of emptiness looms. We sigh, shake our heads at the news, shed a tear over a sad story, yearn to be anywhere but here.

And yet, if let ourselves, we can dare to dream a little bigger. Yes, maybe the world is crazy right now but if we turn within, we can play with our imagination, visualise a better scenario, find the truth that speaks to us. Instead of indulging in escapism and dreaming of paradise elsewhere, marvel at the beauty of the planet, get inspired by helpers and healers, get involved with creating a better future. Just because we can’t see the change we’re yearning for; it doesn’t mean it’s never going to happen. It takes many drops to make a wave.

Painting – Seascape by Gustave Courbet

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