21st September 2018 – Sun conjunct Mercury

The Sun conjunct Mercury in Virgo 02:51 (BST)
The Sun in Virgo trine Juno in Taurus 13:06 (BST)
Mercury in Virgo trine Juno in Taurus 23:51 (BST)

The Sun and Mercury are on the Sabian symbol :-

A Seeker After Occult Knowledge Is Reading An Ancient Scroll Which Illumines His Mind

Sun and Mercury 28°Vi02′
Mercury 28°Vi49′, Juno 28°Ta49′
Sun 28°Vi53′, Juno 28°Ta53′ D

After this union between Mind and Source, Mercury will become an evening star once more. Consequently, the knowledge we discover during this time takes us to a more reflective place. Become a seeker; an apprentice of life. Focus carefully on the details to identify common patterns. Acknowledge where you are uncertain, uninformed or unsure. Humility is the key to unlocking the message. Also, sometimes the universe tells us what we need to know rather than what we want to know.

Flood your mind with the light of truth. As clarity emerges from chaos, there is also a gentle push to ground your new found realisations into reality. It is not enough just to know. It’s about putting what you know into practice. Make a commitment to live by your word. Your thoughts become the ground beneath your feet.

Painting – ‘Virgin of the Dawn’ by Odilon Redon

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