15th December 2017 – Mercury conjunct Venus


Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius trine Ceres in Leo 08:03 (UT)
Mercury retrograde conjunct Venus in Sagittarius 14:08 (UT)
Venus in Sagittarius trine Ceres in Leo 20:18 (UT)

Mercury and Venus are on the Sabian symbol

Children Playing On The Beach, Their Heads Protected By Sunbonnets

Mercury 18°Sg11′ R, Ceres 18°Le11′
Mercury 17°Sg52′ R, Venus 17°Sg52′
Venus 18°Sg11′, Ceres 18°Le11′

There may be some decisions to make over whether it’s kinder to speak up or to leave well alone. Trust your intuition to guide you to the right conclusion. Some conversations are better left for another time, if at all. Not every story needs to be told. In all matters of communication, gentle compromise and a little charm can turn the tide in your favour.

If you feel in the dark or overshadowed, distract yourself instead of worrying. It’s okay to take some time out to make your inner child feel safe again. Switch off overblown news. Dial down scary thoughts. Protect your heart and mind from those who would seek to darken your day. Pay someone a compliment, write a poem, read your favourite book. Share inspirational stories of Mothers and daughters. Tell someone you love them.

Painting – ‘On the Beach, Shinnecock’ by William Merritt Chase

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