28th February 2017 – Mercury semi-square Pluto


Mercury in Pisces semi-square Pluto in Capricorn 01:49 (UT)

Mercury 03°Pi45′, Pluto 18°Cp45′

Resist any urge towards black and white thinking. Allow for grey areas and uncertainty rather than looking for absolutes. Blending logic and intuition requires small adjustments of how you interpret the world around you. Sometimes it’s easy to assume the worst, think negatively and catastrophise. Looking for plot twists may stem from lack of trust. Some inner detective work could help you to erase these disempowering thought patterns. Create or learn a compelling mantra to boost mental powers.

Uncomfortable conversations can lead to greater intimacy but mental pressure may stem from apprehension over what to say and what to leave unsaid. Some truths are better spoken, others left as inner thoughts. Before speaking up, consider your motivation and desired goal. Think about what it is you want to communicate. Words have power, as does silence.

Painting – ‘Afternoon Silence’ by Wilhelm Kotarbinski

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