13th July 2018 – Solar Eclipse in Cancer


Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Cancer 03:47 (BST)

The Moon is opposite Pluto, trine Jupiter in Scorpio and trine Neptune retrograde in Pisces

Solar Eclipse 20°Cn41′

Psychic floodgates are open. Intense revelations or a powerful need for change may trigger a tidal wave of emotion. If insecurity issues arise, dare to gaze into the face of the bogeyman. Drag out dust bunnies from under the bed to clear unconscious material that has been holding you back – especially if you’ve been keeping old mementos from the past. Release. Let go. You cannot hide from change. If you feel afraid, put your hand on your stomach, tune in to the rise and fall of your breath. Remember, focus on what is in your control. Share your nightmares to dissipate their power over you.

If you’ve been knocked down, stand up. You’re stronger than this. You don’t need someone to hold your hand. But if you did, know that Spirit is on your side. Life is cheering you on quietly behind the din. Beyond all the negativity is a holy hymn of hope.

Painting – ‘Child in Bed’ by Thomas Sully

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