23rd June 2017 – Sun opposite Achilles


The Sun in Cancer opposite asteroid Achilles retrograde in Capricorn 23:32 (UT)

The Sun is on the Sabian symbol :-

A Man Bundled In Fur Leads A Shaggy Deer

Sun 02°Cn40′, Achilles 02°Cp40′ R

Tread carefully. Watch your step but don’t be so cautious that you come to a dead stop. There are times when life can feel like a long, hard slog. Even though you may feel exposed or tired, know that you have the strength to complete your mission. You don’t need to shut down your feelings to pursue the path ahead. Sometimes, deep and powerful animal instincts are what are needed to survive. You can be fierce, courageous, vulnerable and sensitive all at once.

Perhaps there are emotions that have been shut out for too long that now howl for attention. You may be afraid of letting others see your ‘weaknesses’ but don’t let that isolate you. Push yourself forwards to brave the storm. Sometimes it’s necessary to traverse rocky inner roads and tough places in order to return home to yourself.

Painting – ‘In The Forest At Winter’ by Isaac Levitan

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