December 14, 2019 – Mars sesquiquadrate Chiron

Mercury in Sagittarius semi-square Pluto in Capricorn
The Sun in Sagittarius semi-sextile Pluto in Capricorn
Mars in Scorpio sesquiquadrate Chiron in Aries

Degrees and Times
Mercury 06°Sg49′, Pluto 21°Cp49′ – 01:09
Sun 21°Sg49′, Pluto 21°Cp49′ – 03:26 (UT)
Mars 16°Sc26′, Chiron 01°Ar26′ – 03:34 (UT)

Sometimes it’s necessary to push to get what we want, however today there may be a tendency to push so hard, something breaks. Maybe we want to prove that we aren’t vulnerable or show that we aren’t weak. We’re super-sensitive to our flaws and less aware of our strengths. Sometimes fears linger at the edge of awareness, whispering future doom scenarios. It’s important that we become aware of the stories we’re unconsciously telling ourselves.

Stories can be changed. You can change. Step into your power. Yes, times are hard, but this is an opportune moment to transform your thinking and reshape your life. Purge negative patterns of thought. Own your shadow. Get to the core issue. Be relentless in your mission. Regenerate. Rebirth. Choose to shine a powerful message of hope.

Painting – ‘At the Shadow’ by Mykola Pymonenko

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