May 26, 2022 – Mars semi-square Uranus

Mars in Aries semi-square Uranus in Taurus
Mercury retrograde in Taurus semi-sextile Venus in Aries

Degrees and Times
Mars 00°Ar59′, Uranus 15°Ta59′ – 08:13 (BST)
Mercury 27°Ta58′ R, Venus 27°Ar58′ – 22:06 (BST)

There’s a brittle edge with the Mars-Uranus connection. Actions could have unexpected consequences, nerves are jittery, we’re not paying attention, we’re too reactive. The push is to look at where small changes are needed to free up time and energy but Mars, building to a conjunction with Jupiter, may press to go all out, strike whilst the iron is hot and all other similar clichés! If you feel a flutter of anxiety, take a moment to ground yourself before you take action. It’s possible that there are alternative means to get what you want. Bide your time.

Mercury and Venus offer an alternative, reminding us to strive for mental balance, especially if we feel out of our comfort zone. A quick conversation may be all that is needed to reset and reconnect. Talk to a loved one. Use diplomacy. Network. Try art journaling. Write down your thoughts in your best handwriting. Express appreciation for what you have. Ask your heart.

Painting – Sitting Lady (The Talk) by Giovanni Boldini

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