March 18, 2019 – Mercury Rx sextile Mars


Mercury retrograde in Pisces sextile Mars in Taurus

Degrees and Time
Mercury 21°Pi17′ R, Mars 21°Ta17′ – 03:23 (UT)

With Mercury currently floundering in the oceanic waters of Pisces, nothing seems certain. Truth or lie, fantasy or fact, minds twist and turn with the prevailing current. The solution today however is to focus on practical matters. Leave wild dreams and unanswered questions for another day and get down to work. If there is a decision to make, be confident in your choices. Afterall, even if you end up wandering off track, know that you can always review at a later date. Nothing is fixed in stone.

Stop second guessing yourself. You are strong enough to navigate whatever comes. Say your piece. Give your opinion. Initiate a conversation. Find a way to express what is beyond words. Move your body to music, get passionate about poetry. There are a thousand way to say what you need to say. Be brave. Sometimes all you need to do is say ‘yes’ to life.

Painting – ‘Washerwomen’ by John Singer Sargent

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